Prayer is referred to as a Devine communication between God and Man. However Christians sometimes do not know how to pray.

Many Christians believe their prayers are not answered by God but in most cases the problem comes from Christians themselves.

If you are a Christian, this article is definitely for you.

Know who you are talking to

Before you start praying you should know who you are talking to. Know that you are speaking to a Supreme Being who knows everything. The God factor should be key when ever you close your eyes to pray.

Thank him

Before you make any form of prayer request you should first appreciate the things that God has done for you in the previous days. This will show how grateful you are and how ready you are to receive other blessings from God.

Ask for God’s will

Before a Christian lays down his or her prayer request, he should first asks for God’s will. By doing this, you tell God that his decisions are key and it is his will that is supreme. Ask God to first establish the plans he himself has for you.

Ask what you need

This part is the point where you go straight to the point. With humility, Christians should ask God for whatever good thing they wish to have. Just as King Solomon did, the requests of a Christian should no way be selfish but one that will benefit others around him.