Birds of a feather flock together. It’s not surprising that Prophet Nigel Gaisie who has a truckload of fake prophecies and controversies surrounding his genuineness as a man of God will come to the defense of his liar colleague.

Earlier last week, a supposed servant of God, Dr Sonnie Badu lied through his teeth that he has received four different honours in academia with a period of four months. What a top tier miracle.

This false claim from the man if God pushed him to the top of the troll chart as many Ghanaians didn’t hesitate to fire him for dropping such an audacious lie.

As a majority of Ghanaians have seen through Sonnie Badu lies, Nigel Gaisie who seems to hold a special form of loyalty to his colleague has warned his fellow country men to be careful of their attacks on his compeer.

According to Nigel Gaisie, without a doubt the ‘pull him down syndrome” has been imbedded into the genes of Ghanaians because we love to discredit the achievements of others.

In a Facebbok post that has been sighted on the wall of the man of God, he wrote;

I have monitored the media space within these few days and I can boldly say that, as I have always held…GHANAIANS don’t love their own. They hurt with passion to see their own flourish..Dr. Sonnie Badu, I have been observing to see if your *friends*who pride themselves with your reputable brand will come out to your defence or at least write a post of solidarity but I haven’t seen one yet. I don’t know much about all the circumstances surrounding your awards or degree and I don’t want to know but all that I can say is,…let’s love our own, let’s speak well of our own since nobody and its nobody is sacredly perfect. Let the Ghanaian be measured in killing or pulling down their own even and it’s even when one is at fault. The mindset and the infamous concept of OPEN HATRED TOWARDS OUR OWN MUST STOP AND THE CHURCH IN GHANA MUST LEARN TO PROTECT THEIR OWN*(Those without sin, should cast the first stone)*Dr. Sonnie Badu, you own nobody an explanation, keep winning and shining, you might not like Nigel Gaisie but he is a Ghanaian and for me Ghana FIRST. You might not like Sonnie but I travel lots and his songs have put Ghana music on TOP THERE….LET’S LOVE OUR OWN. If you keep fooling and living in misery, nobody allows people who have decided against all odds to do well, do well. Enough of the PURGATORY. See You Tomorrow at church, it will be EPIC.