Paranoia is a very common issue when it comes to human psychology. Human beings as natural creatures get paranoid.

What is Paranoia or being paranoid?

Paranoia is a mental disorder that gives an extreme false impression that someone is against you or someone hates you.

Many people do not know that they are paranoid and rather mistaken their mental condition to be a random mood swing issue.

Research has shown that individuals who are mostly paranoid have severe trust issues. These people do not trust people that are or are not close to them.

The reasons why people suffer from this mental health issue are numerous.

Certain people become paranoid because of their past experiences. This could be as a result of somebody breaking their trust in the past. That individual may never recover from such a heartbreaking experience.

Environmental factors can also cause a person to be paranoid. Not all people had a chance to grow up in conditions with enough socialization. These people always have kept their thoughts to themselves and therefore tend to get extremely uncomfortable when people talk about them.

Another that can make one to be paranoid is because that individual put himself in the position to feel paranoid.

An example worth mentioning is the German dictator and the force behind the second world war, Adolf Hitler. Hitler placed himself in a position where he thought everyone around him was his enemy. When people do questionable things, and they feel guilty themselves, these people in the long run develop trust-related issues that make them feel that the whole world is against them.

Paranoia can lead to devastating effects such as severe anti-socialism and suicide.