Gradually, we all beginning to lose faith in the correlation between hard work and success. For instance, a graduate teacher cant even purchase or build a simple 4-bedroom house without the aid of a loan.

Whiles these young scammers drive the latest Benz’s and lives in posh mansions without going for loans. Interestingly, society also applauds them and pours all sorts of heavy accolades on them for being ‘smart’ and beating the system.

The founder and leader of Anointed Palace Chapel (APC), has shared his two cents on the recent ritual murder that happened at Kasoa.

According to the famous and controversial man of God, it is not easy to accumulate great wealth without working hard hence the youths must learn to understand that there is no such thing as quick money and money doubling from these fake mallams who have taken over our media space.

Placing much emphasis on his submissions, Rev Obofour said if there was anything such as money rituals, there would have been no need for anyone to employ a worker because everyone will his own boss.

He further went ahead to urge the youth not to be pressured into silly actions over some flamboyant lifestyle he and other celebrities put up on social media.