Wedding photos are supposed to be beautiful and memorable but sometimes certain things can get in the way of a beautiful picture.

Shirtless man

The couples decided to take their photo in the woods but the shirtless man behind decided to spoil the day for them.

Carterpiller enterance

From the list of all flashy cars in the world, this couple decided to pose for their wedding photo in a caterpillar. The Groom as the driver and Bride the load.

Gangster background

This wedding photo would have been good enough until the woman at the back decided to pose as if she was in some kind of Night Club.

Flying man

Sometimes is better we just stand in when we take photos just like we do in Africa. This man however decided to fly and steal the show from the couples themselves.

Butt Scratch

These bride’s men if they were Slay queens in Africa would have been in serious trouble. We do not know what happened for them to scratch their butt all at once.