It is important you prepare well for interviews. This will give you the upper hand over questions that will be asked and secure you your dream job.

conduct thorough research

Before you go into any type of interview make sure you have done your homework, extensive research is required to get foreknowledge of whatever question will be thrown at you.

Dress for the job you want.

First impressions are very important. You don’t want to walk in an interview looking like a mess. You have to dress appropriately and smartly. This will make your interviewers perceive you as a serious candidate.

Be prepared for difficult questions

You never know the type of questions that will be thrown at you in the interview. Therefore it is key you abreast yourself and get ready for any tough question before you.

Prepare your own questions

There is no problem in preparing your own questions before an interview. You can guess the topic area of questions likely to be asked.