Singer, Chomee has strongly denied allegations which reports that she secretly received R2m in funding from the National Arts Council (NAC) due to her connections with former record label boss Arthur Mafokate. 

The diva has been a topic of discussion after Daily Sun reported the singer had bagged in the aforementioned amount of money from the R300m in Covid-19 relief funds managed by the NAC. 

The report further also labelled Arthur and other members of the Mafokate family as part of the persons who have received monies from the fund.

In a statement issued on Friday, Arthur labelled the allegations “malicious and unfounded”. 

Reacting to these disturbing claims, the singer has adopted her Instagram page to drop a statement to clear her name.

She wrote;

It is indeed a sad day in SA and, to be specific, in the struggle to ensure gender parity, emancipate and uplift women in this country, when a woman is openly vilified by men in white-owned and controlled newsrooms because she applied for funding and was approved like all other thousands of applicants who did the same thing.

Chomee additionally questioned why she had been “singled out” when there were apparently several other applicants who heeded the NAC’s call for funding applications.

“Is it because I’m not deserving of funding or because I am a black woman? The list released showed women of all races who applied for funding, got approved and received some payment, and no-one is asking them anything. Were they asked who they dated before or is it just me?” Chomee asked in her statement.

The Jiva Sexy hitmaker confirmed she applied and was approved to receive NAC funding but said she was yet to get the money.

She also reiterated that as an artist affected by Covid-19, she was well within her right to apply for and receive the relief funds.

Check out her full statement below to know more…