Aboard Sunday, around 60 passengers on Sokoto State Transport Authority buses travelling to Kano from Sokoto were reportedly abducted by robbers along the Sokoto-Gusau route.

While the Zamfara State Police said a bus was hijacked with 11 passengers on board, the Sokoto State Transport Authority said they were still compiling the manifest of passengers, to have the exact number of passengers in the vehicles.

Mohammed Yusuf, a motorist who narrowly escaped the kidnapping claimed the bandits blocked the road near Dogon Karfe around 3 p.m. and seized all three buses’ passengers.

Yusuf stated: “They (bandits) suddenly came out of their hiding and started shooting in the air, thereby forcing the vehicles to stop.

“They abducted all the passengers in the three vehicles belonging to the Sokoto State Transport Authority, as well as the drivers.”

Yusuf added that when the bandits disappeared into the bush with the victims, the other motorists, including himself, drove as fast as they could out of the scene in case the hoodlums return to abduct them.

“Immediately they left the place, we all drove our vehicles very fast, because we thought that they would come back and pick some of us,” he added.

He called on the authorities to provide adequate security on the road as, according to him, the bandits are abducting people on it daily.

Source: Mcmnt.com