Speed Darlington, a popular social media celebrity, has taken to his social media pages to express his outrage after his Benz was looted dry in Lagos.

Speed Darlington’s car arrived in Nigeria lately, but the auto parts he had in his boot were stolen, and the car was badly wrecked.

Sharing the video, he wrote ;

My Benzo is in Nigeria and they have looted everything inside the trunk.

As you can Imagine my mood was quite fucked up yesterday starting from when I discovered that I have been looted, on my way coming back to the island police stop me begins to ask me to get out of the car for no reason I asked him for what? & why he said because he said so; no probable cause he begins to search me Wallet. When he find no weed to use to extort me he give me back my wallet still never telling me what I’ve done then begins to beg me for hundred dollars why should I fucking give you hundred dollars for what?what did you do for me? This happened after he already discovered the contents of my wallet. “We are here providing safety” safety my ass I hear they run away when bad boys show up. One step forward three steps backwards I collect small money from Istanbul Turkey for show now I’m gonna fix my bumper and tail light .

Check out the video below to know more…

Source: Mcmnt.com