Stonebwoy’s Ayisha Modi’s Social Media ‘Beef’ With Shatta Wale – How It Began And Ended

Shatta Wale and a known loyal fan of Stonebwoy, Ayisha Modi, over the week engaged in a social media brawl which led to them levelling allegations against each other. The question many have asked is how did their social media brawl start? The genesis of Shatta Wale and Ayisha Modi’s social media brawl is what this article will look at and discuss the various allegations levelled against each other.

For the past year, Ayisha Modi has openly made it known that she is a die-hard fan of Stonebwoy and goes all out to defend and call out whoever tries to tarnish Stonebwoy’s image or drag his brand in the mud. Ayisha Modi is mostly on social media promoting Stonebwoy’s works and going after people who speak ill of Stonebwoy and the Bhim Nation brand. Due to the love, she has for Stonebwoy, she’s identified on Instagram as ‘she_loves_stonebwoy’.

Ayisha Modi has had a social media brawl with Rapper Obrafour, Samini and others over allegations that they are ungrateful musicians who never appreciated whatever she did for them in the past.

Ayisha Modi’s social media back and forth with Obrafour ended up with a Ghc800,000 lawsuit, fortunately, Obrafour had to withdraw the lawsuit after some stakeholders intervened.

Ayisha Modi and Shatta Wale’s brawl started when Ayisha in a reply to a comment by Shatta Wale’s fanbase account @shattawalenews alleged that Shatta Wale has been having affair with his own cousin.

The Instagram account @shattawalenews was of the view that the fact that Stonebwoy has been travelling to Jamaica often doesn’t mean he is the king of Dancehall in Ghana. Shatta Wale’s fan in the comment section of Ayisha Modi’s post ended up denigrating Stonebwoy.

Content creators and bloggers picked it up and made news of Ayisha Modi’s allegations that Shatta Wale is having an affair with his own cousin, who was later identified as Magdalene.

The allegations did not go down well with Shatta Wale hence pushing him to come live on Instagram to address the issue. According to Shatta Wale during the live Instagram stream, Ayisha Modi’s allegations that he is having an affair with his cousin isn’t true and that Magdalene isn’t his cousin.

Shatta Wale also ended up making some allegations against Ayisha Modi. He alleged that Ayisha has been having an affair with his Godfather, Abass Sariki, who is married to two women.

Shatta Wale again alleged that Ayisha Modi has nothing to her name and also aid some young Ghanaian men in scamming others on the internet and get a share of whatever money made from the illegal internet activities.

Shatta Wale in his live stream on Instagram bragged that the fame and money Stonebwoy has been travelling here and there to chase, he [Shatta Wale] has achieved them already and that he’s now giving the young musicians such Kuami Eugene, KiDi and the others to also cash out from playing Shows.

Shatta Wale’s reply to Ayisha Modi via Instagram live stream apparently got to her to the point that she also had to come live on Instagram to hit back at Shatta Wale.

Ayisha Modi in her Instagram live stream dropped damning allegations against Shatta Wale and addressed the allegations of her affair with Abass Sariki. Ayisha Modi confirmed that she is indeed having affair with Abass Sariki and since she’s a Muslim, there’s nothing wrong with being a third wife to Abass.

Ayisha Modi went to the extreme and alleged that Shatta Wale had group sex with Hajia4Reall and his baby mama, Michy. She also alleged that Shatta Wale has contracted gonorrhoea and HIV/AIDS.

Ayisha Modi accused Shatta Wale of not taking care of his children and mother and that he sacks his mother anytime she visits him for money.

Ayisha Modi again claimed that Shatta Wale has been begging rich people for money and that most of his cars were gifts from rich people and not from his hard-earned money.

After Ayisha Modi’s live stream on Instagram, Shatta Wale’s ‘cousin’, Magdalene, also came live and addressed allegations that she is having affair with the dancehall artiste. According to Magdalene, she is not a relative of Shatta Wale and revealed how they met.

Magdalene revealed that she met Shatta Wale when she was 13 years and at that time, he hadn’t even started his music journey. Magdalene confirmed that she has been having affair with Shatta Wale and she sees nothing wrong with it since they aren’t committing incest.

Magdalene warned Ayisha Modi to mind her business and stop meddling in the private affairs of people. She ended up showering praises on Wale for taking good care of her and her child to the extent that her child sometimes forgets about her own father.

According to Magdalene, Shatta Wale is a good man who has been taking care of his mother and all his children so Ayisha Modi’s claims that he sacks his mother anytime she visits him and not taking care of his children are false.

Shatta Wale then came back with a picture of himself and Hajia4Reall and shut down Ayisha Modi’s allegations that he had a 3some with Hajia4Reall and Michy.

According to Shatta in an Instagram post, his relationship with Hajia4Reall is a genuine friendship and has never had an affair with her as Ayisha Modi claimed.

Hajia4Reall also spoke about Ayisha Modi’s allegations that she had an affair with Shatta Wale on Nana Ama Mcbrown’s ‘United Showbiz’ Show on UTV.

Hajia4Reall was shocked about Ayisha Modi’s allegations and stated that there is no iota of truth in her allegations and that people shouldn’t take it seriously.

According to Hajia4Reall, she has never met or spoken to Ayisha Modi before so she was surprised when she mentioned her name during her live stream on Instagram.

Entertainment Pundits also weighed in on Shatta and Ayisha’s social media brawl and according to most of them, Shatta shouldn’t have minded Ayisha Modi looking at how big his brand is. He should have ignored her as Sarkodie did.

Fans of Shatta Wale, SM Movement, also came hard at Ayisha Modi for dragging their king, Shatta Wale on social media.

They posted some throwback pictures of Ayisha Modi on Twitter and trolled her. Since Ayisha Modi is in a relationship with Shatta Wale’s Godfather, Abass Sariki, they had to end their social media brawl for their own good.

The news of Shatta Wale’s songs, ‘Ayoo’, ‘My Level’ and ‘Mama Stories’ featuring in the movie ‘Black Beach’ overshadowed his social media ‘fight’ with Ayisha Modi.