Having a celebrity parent seems to be everyone’s dream because it looks more fun and the perks are endless. Many celebrities often shower their children with gifts and we are obsessed with their spoils.

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Malik Shipushu is the latest celebrity kid to receive a gift from his parents, Sunny Boy and Nelaolange Iyambo. Malik has won the hearts of social media users with his intelligence and kind demeanor, and he even has his own social media where he often gives us a glimpse of his lifestyle and activities with his family.

In his latest post, Malik posted a video of him unwrapping a gift from his parents. The couple bought their son what looks like a car. The gift was from Christmas and Malik had shared a picture from his bedroom, where the floor had three gifts.

Malik thanked his parents “My parents are the best! Thank you, mommy & daddy,” and her mom replied and said “Anything for our babies. ❤️”

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Their daughter also recently her birthday and Nelaolange penned a sweet tribute to her and showered her with a gift, “My Kandali. My Charisse. My Taleni. My shiveli… My 12-year-old princess. Your birthday magnifies the love you’ve ignited in our hearts and how much you’ve molded me from being a young mom to now an unshakeable lioness. Your beautiful personality and kind heart inspires me every day,” she wrote.

If it’s not showering each other with gifts then it has to be a family vacation, we are obsessed with his family.

Nelaolange and Sunny Boy recently rekindled their love following Sunny Boy’s cheating scandal early last year. Announcing that they are back together on 03 November 2020, Nelaolange posted a picture of her, with Sunny Boy, and their two children in bed, and what got tongues wagging was the fact that sis decided to switch off comments on her post, proving that she did not want to be asked anything.

Fans posted pictures of them on Instagram expressing how excited they are following rekindling their love and Nelaolange reposted them. The two trended in May after pictures of Sunny Boy’s side chicks were leaked on social media and screenshots of their WhatsApp conversations. The rapper was accused of being a womanizer after he cheated on Nelaolange with a couple of women.

At the time Nelaolange did not have time for the drama and tweeted that she was mourning the passing of her dad said she will deal with lesser important things later.

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