Teachers going home with chicken change wages or peanuts as salaries is a global crisis and topic that needs to be seriously discussed and to bring a little bit of dignity to the teaching job.

Here in Ghana, most people don’t want to become teachers because of the salary and how the government treats them although they are the real nation builders.

Former Member of Parliament for the Kumbungu Constituency, Ras Mubarak has proposed that teachers, most especially the ones in Ghana should be paid more than the president and other government officials.

According to the professional farmer and freelance journalist, no other sacrifices by other occupations can be compared to that of teachers.

He noted that as a result of the small salaries of teachers, they are forced to engage in other activities for money in order to be able to take care of their families well.

Ras Mubarak also added that because of the lack of incentives for teachers most of them refuse to move into the rural areas when posted there to teach making the profession unattractive to the youths.

Whiles speaking with Raymond Nyamador on Happy Morning show, he said;

“Teachers should be paid higher than anybody in this country. I would reiterate that teachers and doctors as far as I am concerned, should receive higher pay than the President and MPs, considering the sacrifices they (Teachers) make.

Go to the communities and you will realize that the teachers abandon teaching to trade on the side. That is how seriously our society is decaying”.

Source: mcmnt.com