In spite of the staunch ambivalence in their approaches, I respect field activists and their sense of dutifulness to their nations. In their noble acts, nations achieve peace, justice and prospect.
However, there are intrinsic parts of human existence that are not expendable, and that brings the purpose of certain virtues we must all maintain even in event of crisis.

Not only in time of plenty and peace, we, at all times, must be loving, respectful and law abiding even when discharging our responsibilities against threats or when agitating for our civil rights.

The much perplexing state of insecurity brought ashore by the herdsmen have taken tolls on us not in small measures, and broaching its sensitive topic and waging actively against such dimensioned terror best insure security of lives and properties. And that, in most sincere intent, is the reason Yoruba youths are storming a part of Oyo state.

However, I have a fear that this exemplary agitation against marauders may soon not exist without some telling flaws— given its present coordination.

I have a fear, that, even in our justified rage and not-so-kosher method and rules of engagement being presently touted, there may be a complex erasure of detribalised benefits of doubts, mistaken identities and strains of anarchy, and these, when given no cognizance, can only resort us to guilts of precipitation of unrest and deliberate ethnic jingoism, taking away the genuine intent and purpose.

The high risks of the collateral in the present Yoruba agitation against the provocative herdsmen marauding Ibarapa and the entire region of Southwest have necessitated an extraordinary diligence—in words and acts. And I implore Chief Sunday Igboho to exercise some restraints while ensuring peaceful vigilance across the region.

It’s evident that one cannot be unprovoked by the dilatory and unimpressive response of the federal government on the issues of herdsmen insurgency ripping apart the region’s security; and more disturbingly provocative, the clearly halfwit, tribalized riposte it, most times, pushes forth in defence of the President’s tribesmen. But as evidently volatile as the crisis is, a government supervised vigilante should be ably implored in cleansing the region of these deadly marauders.

Chief Sunday Igboho and others are most appreciated for actively broaching the sensitive question of security in Ibarapa, and their valour being expended in assuring safety of life and property is definitely etching on a page of our nation’s history.

God bless you all as you temper your activism with detribalised mindset and utmost regards for all Nigerians.