As every divided kingdom falls, so every mind divided between many studies confounds and saps itself. The only way out is to study different traditions in order to be free of attachment to any one way of expressing what is beyond expression.

It does not matter where we go and what we study. What matters most is what we share with ourselves and the world. We have got to study hard, for the well is deep, and our brains shallow.

The ink of a scholar is holier than the blood of a martyr. So, no matter how busy we are, we must find time for reading or else we will surrender ourselves to self-chosen ignorance.

To acquire knowledge, one must study. But to acquire wisdom, one must observe. My passion for a better world,most especially a sane Africa, has prompted me to become a reader and an observer. I have read and observed, and my studies and observations have taken me to the conclusion that the world is sick!

The underdevelopment in Africa, in the midst of lots of resources, is an indisputable indication of a conquered continent. However, the world has been wrong thinking it is only the continent of Africa that is conquered.

Much of the study of history is a matter of comparison, of relating what was happening in one area to what was happening else where, and what had happened in the past. To view a period in isolation is to miss whatever message it has to offer.

The findings have clearly shown me that the world is under siege, having compared the happenings in Africa to the other parts of the world. The world is under the siege of the ruling class (the elite and noble). The creation of the world was meant to be self automated. It is, however, unfortunate that the greatest of all creatures (man) twisted the laid down blueprint for the world to make things complex and difficult.

The ruling class, which have grown to be autocrats and tyrants, and the subjects, those in penury and the mercy of the autocrats and tyrants, have been in existence from time immemorial.

The subjects keep struggling to restore the world order to what it should be. The human race, whatever the colour or country, has been in the shackles of the elite class; they create the diseases and whatever confusion anyone could think of and come with remedies to the masses at their mercy. What a people!

Politics and religions were created for the purpose of mental manipulation of the subjects to suit the selfish schemes of the ruling class. Politics begot religion just to keep the world under the “bondage of fear” and that of “subjects, obey the authorities that lord over you without a slight trait of disobedience”; a role we see our religious leaders passionately and rigorously play all over the world.

The ruling class are nothing but the mafia, which primary tool is “fear”. It is how they contain their vast criminal enterprise. They create a “god” for the world with descriptions that suit their purposes of subjecting the world to a confused state.

History has been tampered with and natural courses thwarted just to keep the world in utter dismay. The past trend has extended its grip into the present, and the situation has successfully grown into modern corporate controlled governments which have devolved more seriously into corrupt politicians, running crooked courts that are being fed by thugs wearing police uniforms.

Funny enough, the white supremacist feels he is superior to other races, most especially the Blackman that his ancestors shamelessly and heartlessly colonized in times past.

The correct picture, however, remains a programmed system of confusions laid down by the ruling class to perpetually keep the world at their mercy.

Conflicts have become very unavoidable and we keep looking up to the institutions of the states in the world to solve these conflicts on our behalf. To me, it is nonsensical because it is same institution of the states which precisely make conflicts unavoidable and permanent in the first place.

The hypocrisy of the ruling class continuously insult the intelligence and abuse the rights of the ones they have forcefully lorded themselves over. And since religion that is supposed to awake the dead conscience and revive the oppressed is now the major tool in the hands of the oppressors, the responsibility falls on every politically conscious soul to strive relentlessly to free the world from the shackles of the “devil incarnate” regarded as “leaders”.

It is time we stopped following the “god” made by the ruling class to render our thinking faculty useless in order to find the “God” that made man, and key into His original scheme for the human race.

Tyrants usually come as leaders-democrats or the saviour, but they can never be leaders because the poison in them cannot contain the traits of leadership. They are inhuman; sadists and beasts in nature. It is hard for them to repent. So, we have no option than to cut them down from the potential tyrants to the fully grown tyrants regardless of their colour and race.

I write to open the minds of all compatriots; to take us through a journey that would help identify a potential tyrant with references to full grown tyrants.

Tyrants create an illusion of safety. They block out their subjects from the process of governance and make everything look cool. Instead of them sincerely working towards fixing internal problems, they make the people feel that nothing is wrong. In a situation where things eventually get out of hands, it would always be the fault of external body or opposition.

President Mohammodu Buhari has spent over five (5) years blaming all other politicians and past leaders for the woes of Nigeria except himself. His twin brother in America, President Donald Trump, is the only political angel in America and the best president ever from his claims. He has in the past four (4) years tried to smare his predecessors’ names with mud.Tyrants are same everywhere; they are nothing but hypocrites!

Leaders build bridges and form an atmosphere of collaborative efforts, with all groups of interest in governance, in the bid to give the best to their people. No one gives what he does not have. Tyrants are not worthy of such an attitude.

To a political novice, a tyrant may look like a leader and a political saviour. After all, the tyrant’s overbearing personality is often somehow magnetic in its sheer arrogance. Their pretentious promises of safety and answers to all problems on ground are to warm their ways into the hearts of the embittered and disenfranchised.

Never again will Nigerians wait at the mention of “SAI BABA”. If we had known that the Mohammodu Buhari’s ” SAI BABA” mantra and numerous promises indirectly implied untold hardship and poverty, we would have flogged his unfortunate legs back to Daura, with their witch craft broom from the pit of hell, without a waste of time. We never knew that his unfortunate tears were signs of the misfortunes to befall our nation from his evil heart. If Americans knew that Donald Trump was only coming to make the great America a laughing stock before the world, they would have sewn his big mouth with which he promised them “Making America Great Again”. Tyrants are unrepentant liars; they are same everywhere!

They are masters at disguising their personal agenda as a light in dark times, creating the illusion of inspired leadership. Nigerians never knew that ‘Mr Integrity’ was coming with the “Fulanisation Agenda” of Nigeria. If they did, they would have sent him back to his “cattle ranch” where he mentally belongs. Americans failed to see that the “Crying Baby Trump” was coming with the white supremacist agenda to take America back to over seven (7) centuries. I strongly believe they would have kept him in the realm of his reality show if they saw it coming. Like Buhari like Trump; Tyrants can never be trusted!

Leaders that divide their people along ethnic, religious or whatever line are nothing but tyrants. Leaders unite their followers the more. Tyrants automatically employ “militiaristic divide and conquered tactics”.

They see their subjects as things to be conquered rather than nurtured. Nigeria and USA have never been this ethnically and politically divided as we have under both Buhari and Trump respectively.Tyrants are poisons.They eat deep into the people to cause confusions and hatred among them.They are cankerworms and cancerous in nature; they grow to destroy applaudable legacies! Nigerians and Americans will never forgive Buhari and Trump for destroying lots of legacies left behind by their predecessors.

I have never seen reasonable leaders paint their followers with disgusting colours, only tyrants do. So, I was not surprised when the “Chief cattle breeder” tagged the industrious and intellectually sound Nigerian youths “lazy and unemployable”. Brilliance can only be appreciated by those who are themselves intelligent and not by unteachable dullards. For self glory, President Trump compared the election of US to that of the third world countries. What a sense of reasoning in the “White House”!

The Trump I know is the most generous manufacturer of negative words. The balderdash that has been produced in Aso Rock in the last five (5) years needs no description to tell that we have a confused soul occupying our most prestigious political seat in the most populous African nation. Intimidation is a part of tyranny; they use negative words to intimidate their followers to make them look inferior.

If you deconstruct a tyrant’s message, you will usually find populism, sensationalism and blame-they persecute, ridicule and demonise anyone who is a perceived opponent. Thanks to the heavens former presidents Jonathan and Barack Obama survived the verbal, emotional and psychological onslaught of Buhari and Trump respectively.

A hold on to a glorious past and dim future as a rhetoric describes tyrants. Leaders speak of evolving future. But to tyrants, everything is going wrong and the society is in a vegetative state. The society could only be revived by re-instituting the past “glory days”. They speak the language of “we can” and “we hope” to prevent the incoming catastrophe just to create a sense of urgency and tell the people they need to elect the tyrant if they want to survive the pending danger.

The only thing up their sleeves are blackmails and vain promises! Imagine Shehu Garba telling the world that it is only ‘Buhari’ that can see what over two hundred million citizens of Nigeria cannot see in expired and unproductive service chiefs.

Leaders show up with visions for a better future. They ask their followers to join them in creating such visions and come up with solutions to pressing issues.

Tyrants learn to amplify “fear”; “fear of not being enough” and “never going to be enough” except if they are the ones in power. By the time Nigerians woke up to “change the change” it was too late. The better system in America has helped in getting an impending calamity off the “White House” but same is not the case in Nigeria. It is a victory well deserved by humanity.

They portray themselves as “God-sent” “infallible” and “saviour” of the people and their societies; they tell us there is only one person capable of rescuing us from the impending apocalypse of social and economic distress, and that is them.

Pretenders in the seats of power are potential tyrants. They tell us what we want to hear, while true leaders tell us what we need to hear instead. Many tyrants act like they are telling us the hard truth but their solutions are completely made up of fallacies and unrealistic ways out.Tyrants are jokes; they can never be reliable!

The 45th POTUS is no way different from our unrepentant coupist; “The Stand back and Stand by” order is no way different from “The Dog and Baboon would all be soaked in blood’ order. These are the languages of tyrants; by their fruits you will know them!

“AFRICA, MOST ESPECIALLY NIGERIA, LOOKS IRREDEEMABLE, BUT AT THE DARKEST MOMENT OF THE NIGHT COMES THE DAWN”—The world order will one day be restored and Nigeria, Africa and the world at large would be free from the locusts called tyrants!