Education they say is the key to success, son what stops a nation from giving its citizens the best of education.

Many countries especially here in Africa do not have even the basic standards of education and this is risky.

Children do not even have places to study, and even if they do, their learning place is mostly under trees.

However, the teacher factor is also very important.

Many teachers in Africa are not qualified to teach, but unfortunately, there is absolutely no choice but to place them in the classrooms.

Some countries take their education seriously though. Below are countries that recorded to have the best of teachers.

1 United States

The USA is known to have some of the best teaching staff in the whole world. This is no surprise as many people troop to America every year just to have the best of education. Their teachers receive handsome salaries that motivate them to work hard. Training is a priority. Teachers are sent under strict training and vigilance.

2.United Kingdom

Obviously, the UK places second on the list. The United Kingdom can bosts of many schools and professional teachers. Students are always happy because their teachers devote their time and effort to impact knowledge into them. Hundreds of people move to the UK to have quality tuition especially in their universities


China is one of the countries that respect teachers the most. China is known to pay their teachers huge salaries, unlike other countries. Teachers in China receive the best environment by a private and public institution to do their work to the maximum


This European country is a joy to visit if you are looking for outstanding teachers. Switzerland does not only have enough schools but also harbors excellent teachers.


I am sure you have seen many advertisements urging you to pay a visit or start your education in Canada. This is because, Canada is a country that takes education seriously, for that matter, teachers in Canada are given the maximum support by the Government to ensure that they are happy to deliver .