A man found in possession of Twelve firearms has been arrested by the City of Cape Town traffic officials.

The 37- year- old suspect was arrested in Killarney.

The suspect was successfully apprehended following a high-speed chase on Sunday morning.

According to the officials, the suspect fled from a police checkpoint after a suspicious bag inside his car got the attention of the officials.

The city’s Maxine Bezuidenhout narrated the scene.

“The officer also spotted a red bag on the floor of the passenger seat and asked the driver to step out of the vehicle.”

“He sped off instead, resulting in a high-speed chase along Potsdam Road into the Dunoon taxi rank.”

“There the driver jumped out of the vehicle, with the bag, and ran away.”

“During the chase, he threw the bag under a minibus.”

He was later apprehended and twelve illegal firearms were found in the bag.