Early last month, up and coming to Dance Hall artist Erick Opaka also known as Ezzy dropped a smash hit- Tumbiza sound. 

The song which is lased with a Reggae tone vibe is one that can’t live you seated once it hits your ears.
Ezzy says the song was inspired by the situation most of the Ugandan artists are going through. 
For eight months now since the president shut down bars and made any gatherings, and performances, Ugandan artists have not been able to stage any shows, which is not good news.
“The industry of music has not been well since the lockdown and I was feeling so bad, so I decided to speak out for the many Ugandans in the entertainment industry, and are not doing good so that the government can come to our rescue,” Ezzy said, 
The business model that supports most of the artists in Uganda, is based on performances, it’s the only way musicians make money. Although streams bring in some, it cant sustain them as performances would do.
As a result, many artists are grassing with no food, rent and most of them cannot take care of their families.
Tumbiza sound presents a serious issue in a rather entertaining way, but the message in the song is a humble request to the government to open bars and let musicians perform, if it requires carrying sanitizers and social distancing, they are willing to abide by the rules.
The 23-year-old artist is an Industrial art and Design student at Kyambogo University.