• Two families in Kitui are struggling to come to terms with the death of twins which happened on the same day. 

    Onensmus Susa Mati and Gabriel Mutie Mati, aged 63 years old died just hours apart after having spent most of the day together.

    According to the daughter of one of the brothers, Onesmus had been admitted to Kitui Referral Hospital with kidney complications with the doctors recommending dialysis. 

    Onensmus Susa Mati, and Gabriel Mutie Mati, aged 63 years old died just hours apart after spending most the day together.

    The following day, Gabriel went to visit his twin and spend the whole day by his side having lengthy discussions and even shared a meal. 

    “Our uncle left for home at around 5 pm and promised to call my father in the evening. They never spoke because my father’s condition grew worse that evening,” Kalau Susa recounted.

    Upon reaching home, Gabriel suddenly fell ill that night then his health deteriorated rapidly and developed breathing complications. 

    His wife Florence Mutie told the media that at 3 am he complained of chest pains and passed on at dawn on January 8 as they were preparing to take him to hospital.  

    Meanwhile, Onesmus’ health was also not improving and doctors put him on a life support machine as they arranged a transfer to Nairobi Women’s Hospital. 

    At the time, he had not been informed about his brother’s death, yet he was calling out for him saying that he would join him. 

    “Despite being critically ill, my father kept mentioning his brother’s name and telling him he is on the way. It is like he knew his twin brother was already dead,” Kalau stated.

    The ambulance to transfer Onesmus left Kitui for Nairobi at 10 am. Inside were nurses and two of his daughters. 

    Unfortunately, he breathed his last just 20km into the journey, five hours after his twin brother. Their bodies were taken to a Tribute Funeral Home in Kitui Town. 

    In honour of their strong bond, the family said it would organise a joint funeral service scheduled for Saturday, January 16.

    A file image of a burial ceremony
    A file image of a burial ceremony