Unions, teachers and learners have now gotten what they wanted. A ruling has come down that the national matric rewrite of Maths and Physical Sciences Paper 2 will be set aside leading to unions feeling vindicated by the judgement. The Department now has to deliberate on a strategy to restore the integrity of the matric certificate.

President of teachers’ union, National Professional Teachers’ Organisation of South Africa (NAPTOSA), Basil Manuel said:

We could not accept that the Department could base such a decision on such little information … those that went to court did the right thing.

NAPTOSA is pleased with the outcome of the court case following four separate applications being submitted to have the rewrite reversed.

“It’s adults in another level of the system that have exposed our children to this and that for me is the greatest pity. The adults have now ruined some children’s chances of getting through 2020 and 2020 has been a difficult year for our children,” continued Manuel.

Should Umalusi come back and say that the results from those exams are improper, Manuel says, “There has to be a substantial proof that there have been so many learners that had the paper and that it would compromise the exam”.

The Department has to still investigate just how many learners the paper reached and this is expected to take months to complete. 

Impressing the papers will be critical marking along with investigative marking, said Manuel, and that teachers are able to pick up when learners have copied. 

I am confident in the quality of our markers and confident in the processes that are in place and I hope good sense prevails.

AfriForum argued that matric learners have the right to have their papers marked and that a discrepancy will be able to be seen when comparing marks with previous marks and NAPTOSA agrees with this in a sense. 

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