Fans are not pleased with the newly married socialite Vera Sidika. The former socialite who has been keeping a low profile ever since marrying Brown Mauzo unveiled a never seen before thirst trap. 

The photo revealed her behind completely, making it uncomfortable for her fans who now see her as a married lady.

In the photo, Vera is only dressed in fishnet stockings, silver high heeled boots and a top of sorts.

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As some left thirsty comments, there are those who wished she could cover up abit more now that she is married.

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Most fans went on to remind Vera Sidika that she is now a married woman; who should preserve her body for her husband’s eyes only.

Her husband, coast-based singer Brown Mauzo doesn’t seem to mind that commenters are promising to use the photo to pleasure themselves later, in the privacy of their homes. Brown celebrated Vera’s move to post the photo with love emojis.

The former vixen must be getting bored and may be looking for some attention. Vera got to married to Brown Mauzo after her nasty break-up from singer Otile Brown. Yap! She does have a type.

Her relationship with Otile did not end well. Vera insinuated that the relationship started falling apart when Otile begun borrowing money from her. 

In a past interview the socialite said;

“As much as we love so deep. Women do find it a turn off when a man keeps asking for money. Regularly. From week two of dating, claiming he will refund & he never did. I have never even once in my life asked him for any money.This time it happened 2 days after reconciliation and it ended up looking like the only reason he came back was for the money. Because when I said I didn’t have 500k he went mute for 1 week and the next time I saw him he was claiming that relationship ain’t working.”

Otile Brown refuted the claims and even went on to add that he did not want to be in the relationship I the first place. He further claimed that Vera was the one who seduced him;

“There is nothing to hide right now we are not together at the end of the day, she is happy with her guy and I’m doing my own things at the end of the day and kile naweza sema ni kwamba mimi ni msanii ambaye nilikuwa nafanya vizuri kabla Vera. Sitaki kusema hii and this will sound funny ni swali uliloniuliza so I just have to come clean lazima nijibu ulivyoniuliza. Mimi sikuwahi mtongoza Vera watu hawajui.” Alinitafuta mwenyewe, Alikuwa ananipigia sana simu na wala nilikuwa sizipokei…. Sikuwahi kumtamani @queenveebosset Kimapenzi wala sikuwahi kumtafuta yeye ndio alinitafuta, sina sababu ya kudanganya, Nilikaa kimya kwa muda mrefu sana.”

The singer went on to disclose that he never loved Vera Sidika and never had any intention of getting into a relationship with her.