Governor Anne Waiguru is facing being eviction from her Kitisuru home in Nairobi. Her landlord is also threatening to auction her properties for a disputed arrears of $408, 000 (Sh44.5 million) rent.

According to court documents, Kihingo Village Ltd, owned by ex-Tetu MP James Ndung’u Gethenji and his brother Gitahi Gethenji, insisted that she is a tenant and hasn’t paid rent for five years.

Now, the company wants Waiguru’s assets seized by auctioneers to pay for the rent accrued.

“Our client is not aware of any sale transaction with your client. If you have a copy of the same, please forward to us.” 

Kihingo Village attorneys claimed.

Waiguru has sought court protection from property developer Kihingo Village Ltd, which has asked the governor to pay the millions of shillings or vacate the Sh80 million house following a failed sale deal.

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“I am not a tenant in the suit property but a purchaser who has so far paid half the purchase price in line with the provisions of the lease agreement dated 25th September 2015.” 

Lamented Waiguru.

The governor says she paid Sh40 million in cash for the property and had an agreement with KCB Group to offer an additional Sh40 million as mortgage. However the mortgage agreement was not completed.

Her lawyer Mr.Gatonye said;

“Noting her status as the Governor of Kirinyaga County, such an unlawful and unwarranted action of evicting her will no doubt cast aspersion as to her reputation.” 

Justice Elijah Obaga issued temporary orders against the eviction and ordered the two parties to solve their issue amicably. Waiguru had asked for permanent orders to halt the eviction.

Twitter users had of the news and jumped on it, with some wondering how the governor has not paid rent for five years and others mocking the whole situation.

Ms Waiguru has blamed the property developer for delaying the KCB mortgage deal.