Somizi is officially hosting the launch of his Dinner At Somizi’s Cookbook today.

He made this known on a video he shared yesterday as he added that the processes around the launch have solidified his plans to open a restaurant after negative criticism of his chef status almost made him abandon the idea.

In the video, Somizi said: “The reason for this video is to encourage everyone that has dreams and there’s doubt — self-doubt — but also voice and people that doubt you and say ‘no it’s not gonna work’ or ‘you’re not good enough’. With me, with my cooking I have experienced a lot of love — majority, 80% of it is love and support — but there’s this 20% that discouraged me and said ‘you not a cook’, ‘you not a chef’ blah blah blah and it kinda discouraged me at some point”

The media personality went on to reveal his plan of opening a restaurant in 2021 following his big win regarding his cookbook.

Watch video below: