Zoocci Coke Dope has decided to share the sacrifices that he made which brought him to who and where he is now.

He made this known during an interview he shared on Twitter.

The producer opened up that his family and even his personal life has been put on hold in order for him to pay full attention to his dream.

Zoocci stated he made this decision just for him to be the greatest person at what he does and he is ready to do anything just not to miss out anything in the industry.

During the sit-down interview shared on Twitter, Zoocci explained that all the sacrifices he has made and is still doing is for him to be the greatest at what he does.

The star said he has not even seen his mother for six years.

Zoocci said: ” I didn’t see my mother for six years, like every time I thought of going to see her my only thought is what am I gonna miss, or will I come back and still and fit”

Zoocci said that he gains his motivation for his projects from various forms of media.

Watching at a video or even looking still images, Zoocci is able to draw inspiration from what he sees, enabling him to use his artistic abilities to lead him in a direction for his project.

Watch video below: