The meaning of life cannot be simplified enough. This is because life has many components that sum up to give it a reasonable meaning

Many people have diverse perspective of what life is, therefore giving a single meaning of life might be bias.

Life from my point of view is made of two things. Physical aspects and intagible aspects.

Physical aspects

The physical aspects of life are the most easiest part of life to deal with. These aspects include everything that our eyes can see. The trees, mountains, oceans and all natural and artificial things fall under the physical aspects of life .

Thse aspects are mostly pleasing and tend to benefit us positively most of the time.

Intaginble aspects of life

We cannot set our eyes on this aspect but it is responsible for our general behavior as humans. These aspects of life affects our mood and coordination. Our feelings and emotions are considered to part of our life.

Sadness, happiness, doubt, confidence are all intagible but relevant aspects of life.

It is not debatable that the intagible components of life affects us more than anything else. The way people perceive us in society is all down to how we express ourselves. How we respond to daily life issues depends on our current mood which is part of the intagible parts of life.

With this said, it can be confirmed that life is really a big spectrum with many colors.