Marriage they say is a union between a man and a woman who want to live together as husband and wife and have gone through all the rites.

Obviously it is suicidal just to jump into marriage without knowing the in and outs of the person you will be calling your husband or wife.

Divorce, some few years ago was only attributed to the Western world. But what do we see now in Africa, many marriages are collapsing because both spouses realize that they made a mistake after they tie the knot.

This should not be the case at all. Why would you enter into a marriage only to pack your stuff and leave. Some people might have experienced the worse things in the marriage that can even leave them traumatized.

Others suffer this plight because they were rushed into marriage either by themselves or family because of material gains.

Knowing someone very well at the courtship stage is very crucial because it will determine the future both of you will have.

Therefore the saying that ” Get married to your best friend” is very important and valid.

A marriage will not stand if both of you are alien to the characteristics of one another.