In as much as I agree with the majority of sincere critics who are professional truth sayers we can’t jus rubbish the fledgeling rapper’s talent so let me first commend the young Bull for the fan base and recognition he has been able to amass within the short period of hitting the lime light.

Now, let’s be truthful and sincere over here, Yaw Tog’s latest freestyle is complete trash and below-par looking at the bar he has raised for himself with striking reference to his previous works that pushed him into the mainstream media within a twinkling.

What makes me want to puke is the fake English accent he infused which made him to appear and sound like an underground UK rapper.

Aside from his delivering like he had shit stucked inside his anus, he also bragged about being the new King of rap.

What an insolence and sheer ignorance. Just because you garnered a million views within a space of 3 days you think you’re now a top dwag? Nah!

Yaw Tog needs to sit his ass down like a puppy and learn from the pacesetters. He shouldn’t forget the market is an arrogant force that owns no form of loyalty to anyone! Tueeh !!!!

Watch the freestyle below and pass your judgement in the comments box under this article.