Yvonne Nelson, an award-winning Ghanaian actress and movie producer who is known for her outspokenness on the country’s political concerns, is said to have secretly married the love of her life in a very private marriage ceremony held over the weekends at a very classified area.

It’s clear that the actress has learned valuable lessons from her past terrible relationship with her British baby daddy, photographer Jamie Roberts.

Reason she decided to keep this newly found love affair of her’s private – to avoid senseless and needless drama from her detractors on the net.

Adu Safowaah, our very own controversial model and media personality who usually makes it into the news on a negative note, threw this exclusive juicy information onto the internet and made it public.

Adu Safowaah took to Instagram to congratulate Yvonne Nelson on walking down the aisle in high spirits, despite the pain of her previous relationship not deterring her from making the most out of her romantic life.

Adu Safowaah wished joy unto the actress by posting a photo of her in a crimson gown, beaming as brilliantly as a human being can ever be, with the comment;

Congratulations odo. I love you. Privacy wins. #HappyMarriedlife

Yvonne Nelson hasn’t reacted to this viral news yet, but we know that if that’s an iota of truth in this story from Adu Safowaah, the actress won’t hesitate to confirm the good news to her fans and followers worldwide.

Source: Mcmnt.com