Daniel Meirion Walker is an English journalist, newsreader and television presenter. He presented Football Focus from 2009 to 2021, and has presented BBC Breakfast since 2016.

Born on March 19, 1977 (age 45 years), in Crawley, United Kingdom, Daniel is known to have worked on many TV programmes including Football Focus; Final Score; Match of the Day; BBC Breakfast and the NFL Show.

Dan is married to his pretty wife by the name of Sarah Walker with whom they have been blessed with three children.

Daniel Walker is the son of Austin Walker and has one sibling by the name of Jeremy Walker.

Dan Walker BBC: Why Did Dan Walker Quit BBC?

Dan Walker has quit BBC to work at Channel 5 News which happens to be a rival station with BBC. According to the journalist who has worked this past six years on BBC Breakfast.

According to reports, he would be presenting the evening news at 5 pm on Channel 5 News rather than on BBC.

Dan revealed that he left BBC because Channel 5  gave him something which was beyond what he was getting at BBC.

Speaking during video to make the announcement he stated saying;

“Channel 5 came with big ambitions, with big plans and I don’t think opportunities like this come around very often and I can’t wait.