Linda was born on O 8th of January 1940. She was delivered by Ena Sharples in Annie Walker’s living room at the Rovers Return Inn.

Linda grew up on Bessie Street and went to Bessie Street School, apparently.

Linda was interested in males and wanted to marry, just like her mother Elsie.

When her mother’s lover, Chuck Nelson, attempted to rape her when she was thirteen, she fought him off.

She worked at Elliston’s Raincoat Factory and dated David Barlow for a short time before falling in love with Roy Newman, an American GI stationed at Burtonwood.

The couple got engaged, but it wasn’t meant to be.

She married Polish immigrant Ivan Cheveski in 1958 after meeting him in 1957.

With a transfer to Warrington, their lives began happily, but Linda rapidly became unsatisfied with the marriage because Ivan wanted to support her and didn’t want her to work or start a family until they were financially stable.

In late 1960, she became pregnant and moved back in with Elsie and her younger brother Dennis in Weatherfield. Ivan found her, but she was taken aback when he expressed interest in having a child, and they reconciled.

The Cheveskis purchased 9 Coronation Street and moved in, deciding to stay in Weatherfield for the time being. After two days of labor, Linda gave birth to a boy on June 14, 1961.

Ivan got interested in a position at a friend’s firm in Canada, despite Linda’s satisfaction with motherhood in Weatherfield.

Linda, on the other hand, was not interested in emigrating and tore up the paperwork. She eventually consented, but she kept it a secret from Elsie until Ena Sharples informed her. A week later, the Cheveskis flew out of the country.

Linds Personal Life

Linda, Ivan, and Paul visited the United Kingdom for Christmas in 1962, and Linda revealed to Elsie that she was unhappy in Canada. Despite the fact that Ivan was offered his previous position back, they decided to return to Montreal.

Linda got worried that Elsie was having an affair with Len Fairclough during her brief visit.
Martin Cheveski, Linda and Ivan’s second son, was born in 1964.

In 1966, the family returned, but Ivan had his heart set on Birmingham, while Linda wanted to stay in Weatherfield. Linda was having an affair with a Canadian named Mike and was undecided about returning to Ivan.