The 40-year-old, Deborah James was diagnosed with colon cancer in 2016 and has since kept her over 800,000 Instagram followers updated on her treatment with open postings about her progress and diagnosis.

Dame Deborah recently revealed she is fatigued because she is “scared to go to sleep” after earning nearly £7 million for cancer organizations. She continues committed to promoting awareness of bowel cancer, and was recently awarded a damehood by the Duke of Cambridge at her home for her “tireless campaigning.”

Cara Hoofe, an M&S Clothing, and Home colleague, came up with the partnership idea and submitted it to M&S’s colleague proposal scheme.

She stated: “Deborah is an inspiration to me and many other young people who have been diagnosed with bowel cancer. I consider myself fortunate that my journey since diagnosis has gone a different road, but I want to give a voice to all those who cannot use theirs to raise awareness.

“Early detection is critical, and my major message to people is to not be ashamed; instead, get things checked out and consult with your doctor.

“I’ve been with M&S for over 10 years and am thrilled that they are putting my idea into reality so rapidly – I’m hopeful that additional companies would consider joining us.”

Bowel Cancer UK, in collaboration with M&S, is urging other businesses to offer updated toilet roll packaging in order to promote awareness of symptoms among as many people as possible.