The Gerber Baby is a trademark logo of the Gerber Products Company, an American baby food, and product manufacturer. The Gerber Baby was patterned after Ann Turner Cook by artist Dorothy Hope Smith. The logo was used from 1926 to 2022.

Dan Gerber who owned the Fremont Canning Company was looking for a baby face for their new baby food campaign, which was set to begin in the latter half of 1928. In the summer of 1928, the Fremont Canning Company held a contest to develop a baby face that it thought would best symbolize the new baby food.

How Much is the Gerber Baby Worth?
How Much is the Gerber Baby Worth?

The campaign encouraged mothers of newborn babies to participate in the contest so they could win some of the company’s items. There were numerous drawings and paintings submitted. Some were oil paintings of ornate baby portraits, while others were mere sketches.

Dorothy Hope Smith of Connecticut, an artist who was skilled in children’s drawing submitted an unfinished charcoal sketch of a baby that was quite similar to a simple work to that of a professional.

Ann Turner Cook (1926–2022), the model for Dorothy Smith’s original sketch, eventually became a mystery author and an English teacher. Cook, who had shied away from the spotlight for many years, recently gave interviews to various Florida newspapers. The firm was on the search for the next Gerber Baby at the beginning of 2011. Mercy Townsend, a toddler, was eventually chosen

Gerber’s baby’s net worth, or as we now know who she really is, Mrs. Ann Turner Cook’s net worth, is $2 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth.