Dame Deborah Anne James DBE is a London-based English journalist, podcast broadcaster, and charitable activist.

Is Deborah James Still Married?

Deborah James is still married to Sebastian Bowen.

Who is Deborah James’ Husband Sebastian Bowen?

Sebastian Bowen is a well-known London-based banker, investor, media personality, and celebrity partner. At Pomona Capital, he holds the role of partner. Additionally, he also has more than 15 years of experience in investment.

He also served as a Senior Investment Manager with ARDIAN. He also constantly encouraged and supported his wife in her professional endeavors.

Deborah James and husband
Deborah James and husband

Because of his extensive knowledge and reputation, he received offers to work for reputable companies.

Bowen is well-known in the UK as the spouse of Deborah James, who worked for the BBC as a podcaster.

Deborah created her ‘BOWELBABE FUND’ page on Monday, May 9, 2022, with a goal of £250,000 for her treatment and expenditures.

Within two days of launching her fundraising, she had raised £ 2 million, well exceeding her goal. Deborah James is feeling so thankful and thanks her followers for forgiving.

He stated on LinkedIn that he attended St. Paul’s School in London for his high school education. He earned a master’s degree from The University of Edinburgh after completing his bachelor’s degree.

Sebastian has kept his social media accounts secret. We have been unable to locate the identities of his father and mother despite extensive searches on the internet and social media.

Heather James, on the other hand, is his mother-in-name, law’s and she spends a lot of time with her family.