Shaquille O’Neal Health Condition:

Shaquille O’Neal recently learned that he has sleep apnea, a dangerous sleeping ailment in which breathing regularly stops and starts and that his life was in danger as a result.

Due to the NBA legend’s recent health scare, he is now relying on a sleep machine.

Will Shaquille O’Neal Die Soon?

According to Shaquille O’Neal’s Doctor, he stated he could die because of his sleeping disorder.

In a recent interview with GQ, O’Neal discussed his first visit to the doctor in years, saying, “When I went back to the doctor, there was some stuff I never even knew.”

“Because sleep apnoea can induce hypertension and strokes in people, they told me, “Hey, man, you have sleep apnoea.”

“‘What?’ I exclaimed, dumbfounded. Then they warned, “You could die.”

Henceforth, “I now have to sleep with a sleep machine” became the norm.

A number of other issues were uncovered during Shaq’s examination by the medical team.

“Were you using all those painkillers, bro?’ ‘Your kidneys are weak, therefore no more pills,’ but I was addicted to painkillers, so I had to stop using them “He went on to say that he had something to add.

“I’m not a fan. Some days I just popped a few to get me moving when I couldn’t walk. Then again, I’m done with it.

“Using a Normatec, I’ve got this contraption strapped to my legs. That’s exactly what I do. For me, stretching in the hot tub and sitting on my Normatec help when my legs are sore after a long flight.