The position of the Gerber Baby was held by the late Anna Turner Cook for many decades since 1928. The Gerber Product Company began a search for a new model for the Gerber baby food in 2010 and has since been organizing yearly competitions, which include a $25,000 cash prize.

A $25,000 USD cheque will be awarded to one (1) Grand Prize Winner. In addition, the winner will be named the Gerber Spokesbaby for 2022 and will serve as Chief Growing Officer on Gerber’s Executive Committee for up to one (1) year.

What do You get for Being a Gerber Baby? Who Was the Last Gerber Baby?
What do You get for Being a Gerber Baby? Who Was the Last Gerber Baby?



Who was the last Gerber Baby?

The Gerber company for over the last decade has had eleven(11) baby models who were used for the brand illustration. The recent Gerber baby is Isa Slish. Gerber announced Isa Slish as the 2022 Gerber Baby and Chief Growing Officer for the year on May 4, 2022, after receiving 225,000 entries. She will also serve as a taste tester for new Gerber food items.

The judges cited “her happiness and shining personality” as the basis for her victory. Isa took over the position from 2021 Gerber Baby Kahin Zane.

Isa and her family received $25,000 in addition to $1,000 in Gerber Childrenswear clothing and Gerber items to last over a year.
The funds will be used to cover Isa’s medical expenses as she is a child with a motor disability since she was born without a femur or fibula in her right leg.