Sean McDermott and his wife Jamie McDermott are the proud parents of two young children. The head coaching job of the Buffalo Bills was definitely a change of pace for the McDermott clan.  Buffalo is a tough destination.

Hours from anywhere, but arguably the most rabid fan base in the league. #BillsMafia. Hey,  any head coaching job you get in the NFL is an achievement. You reach the top of the ladder when you get there.  Even if you also need a ladder to climb over the 6 feet of snow dumped on you annually.

More about Jamie McDermott

Jamie McDermott is an American celebrity spouse. She acquired fame after her marriage with, Sean McDermott. Sean is a renowned head coach and a former scouting administrative coordinator.

Jamie and Sean were in love since high school. Later on, they came closer and tied the knot with each other. For now, they are happily married and have two beautiful children. Jamie is a 44 years old American housewife with two children. She stands at 5fts 8inches tall.

Jamie McDermott and social media

Jamie’s presence on social media is very sparse. It’s not often to find a coach’s wife with an Instagram account.  And, only sometimes do they show up on Facebook. Sean McDermott’s wife Jamie is no exception to this rule. She did post a picture and plea for people to vote for Greg Olsen for NFL Man of the Year in early January of 2017.

The reason she posted that was because Greg promised to give $25,000 to a children’s hospital if he won. She only recently returned to Facebook after nearly a three-year absence. Maybe she wants to reconnect to friends and family after her time in Carolina.

That’s likely since the move to Buffalo came in January. This way, Jamie is able to keep in touch with her friend who is now physically out of touch.