Former Torino striker Akeem Omolade was discovered dead in his car, sending Italian soccer into sadness. Between 2001 and 2003, the 39-year-old Nigerian played for the Turin club on many occasions in Serie A.

Prior to his retirement in 2017, he also played for Treviso, Reggiana, and ten other Italian teams. But disaster struck on Monday when police in Palermo, the capital of Sicily, discovered him unconscious in a Peugeot.

Akeem Omolade Biography: Real Age, Net Worth, Wife, Children, Cause Of Death, Parents
Akeem Omolade Biography: Real Age, Net Worth, Wife, Children, Cause Of Death, Parents

According to Omolade’s family, the Kaduna-born athlete had previously complained of leg problems. Initial investigations revealed that he had no visible wounds.

In 2001 after Omolade was facing racist behaviors from Treviso fans for their upcoming game, his teammates went all-black as a show of support for the striker.

Akeem Omolade Real Age

Omolade was born on March 4, 1983, and passed away on June 13, 2022, at the age of 39.

Akeem Omolade Net Worth

Omolade had an estimated net worth of $1.5 million as of 2022. This was money he had earned from his football career.

Akeem Omolade Wife

The wife of the late footballer is currently unknown. But it was reported that he married in Italy although there is no proof from his family or the internet.

Akeem Omolade Children

Akeem Omolade is the father of one child, a girl he had with his wife whose identity is unknown.

Akeem Omolade Cause of Death

The cause of death of the late footballer is unknown, but he was said to have suffered from leg pain before passing away minutes after a scheduled visit to the hospital.

Akeem Omolade Parents

The parents of Omolade are unknown. His family has not made any statements about his death so far so their identities have not been revealed.