During a match in the state capital of San Salvador, an El Salvador football referee was murdered by supporters and players.

Jose Arnoldo Amaya, 63, died as a result of injuries he incurred while officiating a match at Toluca Stadium in San Salvador.
Amaya, a referee with 20 years of experience, was in charge of a match in San Salvador’s Miramonte neighborhood.

The incident occurred after he decided to dismiss a player by issuing him two yellow cards, which sparked an altercation and, ultimately, the tragic occurrence.

After being brought to the Zacamil Hospital, Amaya endured blows that caused internal hemorrhaging and died.

He was a member of the AAFES (El Salvador’s National Association of Football Referees) and officiated youth tournaments and amateur league games.

“As a federation, we deplore what occurred to referee Jose Arnoldo Amaya, and we expect that the authorities will be able to discover those guilty for the referee’s death,” said Hugo Carrillo on the TV show “El Tiki Taka.”

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Jose Arnoldo Amaya was 63 years old

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