Amber Beckford is one of the contestants chosen to participate in the 2022 season of the Love Island reality show. The show aims to help contestants find love by pairing them with other contestants till they find someone they fall in love with.

Amber is a nanny from London and being part of the show excites her. She had this to say, “it just feels like the right time.” “This year it feels like it’s two feet in. I feel like now I’m most definitely ready, and wanting to look for a boyfriend”.

Amber describes herself as “a little spark that attracts quite a lot of people’s attention”. She strongly believes this is the time for her to try to find love on Love Island. She says: “After a serious relationship, I think I went through a little stage of just dating around and I think now I’m looking for a bit more of something serious.”


Amber Beckford
Amber Beckford

Amber’s family and friends also describe her as “fun, outspoken, crazy,” and a “wild child”. Amber prefers meeting people in person, and says: “I’m a connection and spark kind of girl–I like to check the vibes first!”.

Is Amber Beckford Dating?

Amber Beckford is single, which is the reason why she signed up to become a part of the Love Island TV show to find love.