Amber Beckford happens to be one of the contestants chosen to participate in the 2022 season of the Love Island reality show. She was the 10th contestant to be picked for the show. The show premiered on 6 June 2022.

Love Island is a British TV show where a group of men and women participate in a series of tasks with a partner that they keep swapping until they finally meet the love of their life. The show had its debut on June 7, 2015, and has been going on every year since then.

Amber is from London and works as a Nanny. According to Amber, “it just feels like the right time.” to be part of the show. She also said, “This year it feels like it’s two feet in. I feel like now I’m most definitely ready, and wanting to look for a boyfriend”.


Amber Beckford
Amber Beckford

Family and friends of the love Island contestant have described her as “fun, outspoken, crazy,” and a “wild child”. Amber says she prefers meeting people in person and says: “I’m a connection and spark kind of girl–I like to check the vibes first!”.

How Old Is Amber Beckford?

Amber Beckford is 24 years old although her date of birth is unknown.