Doug Ford is a Canadian businessman and politician who has served as the 26th and current premier of Ontario since June 2018 and leader of the Progressive Conservative (PC) Party since March 2018.

Last Week Tonight’s John Oliver took notice of Ford’s campaign and ended a show by pleading with Torontonians to vote for Doug Ford in front of the world.

Doug Ford
Doug Ford

Despite gaining no ground behind frontrunner John Tory, Doug Ford was able to hold onto his lead over Olivia Chow. For his part, Ford received 34% of the vote against Tory’s 40%, and he was defeated in the election.

In total, 478 illegal lawn signs were placed by Ford’s campaign, including ones on the Don Valley Parkway, the Gardiner Expressway, and municipal buildings and parks. The fine for Ford’s campaign was $11,950.

The notion that Ford will run for the leadership of the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario after his failed mayoral bid was unfounded.

By endorsing family friend Christine Elliott’s bid for the job, Ford announced his withdrawal from the race as a candidate on November 27th, 2014.

In 2016, Doug and Rob Ford published a book titled Ford Nation: Two Brothers, One Vision – The True Story of the People’s Mayor.

Doug Ford Brother: Meet Rob Ford and Randy Ford

Canadian businessman and politician Doug Ford has two brothers called Rob Ford and Randy Ford.

Rob Ford

Rob Ford was a Canadian politician and businessman who served as the 64th mayor of Toronto from 2010 to 2014. Former Toronto Mayor Rob Ford was a city councilor in Ward 2 Etobicoke North before and after his time as mayor.

As Toronto City Councillor, he was re-elected twice in the 2000 Toronto municipal election.

Ford was transported to Humber River Regional Hospital in North York in September 2014 after experiencing significant abdominal pains and was diagnosed with an abdominal tumor; a biopsy was performed.

Ford, 46, passed away on March 22. Immediately upon his death, City Hall enacted a time of formal grief.

Randy Ford

Randy Ford is the brother of Doug Ford but not much is known about him.