During Doug Ford’s tenure on the council (2010–14), his brother Rob was branded Canada’s “crack mayor” due to his issues with substance abuse, notably crack cocaine.


Doug Ford has been involved in a number of local squabbles. His remark that he would “in a heartbeat” close a public library in his area to save money sparked a public debate with famed novelist Margaret Atwood. Even if Atwood walked past him, Ford stated he wouldn’t know her.

Ford apologized for stating that police chief Bill Blair was targeting his brother Rob and leaking material to the press about him after Blair threatened a defamation action.


According to confidential sources, Ford was a hashish dealer in the 1980s, according to a May 2013 report in The Globe and Mail. Ford vehemently refuted the allegations, claiming that he had never been charged with narcotics trafficking.


Ford was also chastised for implying that an Etobicoke facility for developmentally impaired adolescents had “ruined” the area.

Rob Ford was forced to withdraw from the mayoral election on October 27, 2014 after being diagnosed with an abdominal tumor in September 2014.

(Rob Ford passed away on March 22, 2016.) Doug Ford, the mayor’s campaign manager, took his position as a mayoral contender just minutes before the deadline, registering just minutes before the deadline.

Ford emphasized his experience in city hall during the campaign, portraying himself as the ideal heir to his brother without the controversies.

With 33.7 percent of the vote, Ford came in second to John Tory. Tory received 40.3% of the vote.

“We didn’t have deep money, and we barely had six weeks,” Ford told supporters on election night. “But together, we have altered the political scene in Toronto.”

How Many Daughters Does Doug Ford Have?

Does Doug has four daughters with his wife Karla. His daughters are Krista, Kayla, Kara, and Kyla