Billionaires generally are people whose worth monetary wise comes with at least one billion units of a given currency. Per this definition, Justin Bieber is not a billionaire yet. How much is he worth then? According to Celebrity Net Worth, Bieber is worth $285 million and receives a salary of $80 million.  But his rise to this pedestal was not achieved overnight.

justin bieber in some expensive jewelry depicting his worth.

Brief History

Life for Justin Bieber as he was growing up was not all too rosy as he had to be raised by his single mother; Patricia Mallette. His step-father, Bruce later came onto the scene. At an early age, Justin had already learned how to play the drum, piano, guitar, and trumpet.

When Justin was 12 years old, he took part in a competition held in his hometown Stratford where he was the 1st runner-up. During his performance, his mother recorded a video of him and uploaded it on YouTube for loved ones to go watch his performances whenever they wanted.

This was just the start as she continued videoing the young man whenever he rehearsed or sang a cover of any song. With time his popularity on the site grew.

In 2008, Scott Braun; Justin’s manager chanced upon a 2007 video of Bieber and immediately saw potential in the young lad. Braun then tracked down Bieber and got in touch with his mother to request her permission to have Bieber in America to pursue a career in music. Justin’s story has since been one of success although he is one of the most disliked artists.

Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber


Source Of Justin Bieber’s Wealth

Justin Bieber has been able to establish a name for himself in the entertainment industry. During his first tour; My World he successfully raked in $53 million. In 2016, he got the opportunity to work with Calvin Klein by an endorsement deal which helped bring in more money. The sale of his singles and album and investments have led to him engrossing $285 million.