Justin Bieber, an RnB artist who hails from London, Ontario in Canada was born on March 1, 1994, to Patricia Mallette; a single mother. Justin whiles growing up liked music a lot to the extent of learning how to play the drum, piano, guitar, and trumpet.

He at 12 sang Ne Yo’s So Sick during a competition in his hometown Stratford and placed 2nd. During this event, his mother videoed his performance and uploaded it on Youtube for loved ones to see his performance whenever they so wished.

image of young Justin Bieber.
Young Justin Bieber

As time went by, whenever Bieber sang be it at a competition or free time his mother will video it and upload it on Youtube.

Justin’s manager who was searching for a video of a different singer on youtube ‘mistakenly’ chanced on Bieber’s video. Immediately, Scooter Braun fell in love with the young man’s singing capabilities.

He then traced Bieber to his school in Canada and asked for him to have Justin move with him to America to pursue a career in music. Patricia Mallette initially was reluctant about letting Justin go with Braun but upon later talks finally gave in. Justin has since then been great with Scooter’s coaching and managing.

A lot of people sometimes ask How Tall Is Justin Bieber? He is 1.75m/  5ft. 7ins tall but according to celebheights.com, a police report on him stated he was 5ft. 9in. and in 2015, he stated that he was 5ft. 9in / 5ft. 10in tall.

Justin Bieber Height is a subject of confusion to many since different documents state different figures regarding how tall Justin Bieber is.