Bobby Rydell, was born in April 1942, to parents Jennie Ridarelli and Adrio Ridarelli, and grew up in South Philadelphia’s Lower Moyamensing area.

His professional career began in 1950 when he won a talent contest and was cast in the television series Paul Whiteman’s TV Teen Club, where he remained for several years.

He then changed his name to Bobby Rydell and became a member of various bands in the Philadelphia region. He secured a recording contract with Cameo Records after releasing three failed singles for tiny firms. After a number of disappointments, “Kissin’ Time” reached the top of the charts in 1959. Rydell visited Australia in May 1960 alongside The Everly Brothers, Billy “Crash” Craddock, Marv Johnson, The Champs, The Crickets, and Lonnie Lee.

Bobby Rydell married twice throughout his 79-year life. In 1968, he married Camille Quattrone Ridarelli, who died in 2003. Bobby Rydell and Camille had two children, who are Jennifer Ridarelli and Robert Ridarelli.

Who is Robert Ridarelli, Bobby Rydell’s Son?

Bobby Rydell has managed to keep his personal life out of public scrutiny, and as such, there is no other information about him.