According to her family, Chethana Raj, a 21-year-old TV star, died as a result of the hospital’s incompetence.

Chethana Raj allegedly went to Dr Shetty’s Cosmetic Clinic in Rajajinagar for cosmetic surgery with her friends without informing her parents.

Before she was transported into surgery, her friend reportedly signed the consent form. Her lungs were said to fill up with fluid soon after the treatment. Within hours, she died of a heart attack.

Following her parents’ police complaint, a case has been filed against doctors. The hospital is no longer operational.

Her parents claim the hospital broke the law by failing to obtain their consent before surgery and doing the procedure in an ICU with inadequate facilities.

“They performed the procedure without any precautions. Only if there was a genuine need for fat removal should the doctors have recommended surgery.

Before she was taken into surgery, her buddy signed the consent form “Varadaraju, the actor’s father, remarked.

Doctors attempted CPR for 45 minutes but were unsuccessful, according to accounts.

When the doctors saw she wasn’t responding, they allegedly brought her to the adjacent Kaade Hospital and attempted to force the doctors there to treat her.

The doctors at the Kaade hospital stated they were forced to break protocol for a patient who had died.

Chethana Raj TV Shows, Movies And Awards

Chethana Raj played roles in Geetha and Doresani. She doesn’t have any awards yet.