BB Cross Naija is a fitness fanatic and a business owner. His company is based in Lagos, Nigeria.

He founded Cross Fitness Nutrition, a protein drink company, as a result of his enthusiasm for fitness. Cross fitness Nutrition makes a high-quality sports nutrition protein with 109 percent whey powder that can be used as a fat burner.

Cross had both his primary and secondary school leaving certificates. His educational background is unknown. 

He is also a co-founder of the Gem House Restaurant and Bar in Nigeria. Gem House Restaurant and Bar, located in the center of Abuja, is a centre for West African and global cuisines.

BB Cross Naija is a romance aficionado, yet he is still unmarried and no information about his girlfriend or previous relationships is available.

He frequently offers relationship advice to his friends and acquaintances. People, he argues, are unaware that communication is essential for healthy partnerships.

Cross BBN appears to be from a wealthy background. His net worth is unknown, but he could win the BBN show’s top prize.

Is Cross BBN Ezego’s Son?

Yes Cross BBN is the son of Ezego whose real name is  Mr. Christopher Ikechukwu Okonkwo, from Oba Uke in Anambra state. Ezego died  while he was quite young.