Around the year 1915 is when Donald George Lamp was born. In 1940, he wed the woman who would become his wife, Marjorie, and the couple settled in Omaha, Nebraska.

There were four Lamp children born to Donald George Lamp and his wife Majorie. Russell Lamp, William Lamp, Joanne Elliott, and Ginni Thomas are their names respectively.

Donald His parents are Adolph Lamp and Isabel Lamp. George Lamp is their son. Engineer by trade and business owner, Donald Lamp had his own company.

Donald Lamp died on 17 Nov 2009.

Donald Lamp Daugther Virginia Thomas

Virginia Thomas, a conservative activist and attorney from Omaha, Nebraska, was born in the United States.

Clarence Thomas, an Associate Justice of the United States Supreme Court, was married to her in 1987.

Her conservative remarks and activism have made her a divisive figure, especially because Supreme Court justices’ wives are usually politically apathetic.

While serving in the United States House of Representatives, Thomas began her career working for Republican Hal Daub.

She worked for the United States Chamber of Commerce after graduating from Creighton University School of Law.

She went on to work for the US Department of Labor and as an advisor to Republican House of Representatives member Dick Armey.

She joined The Heritage Foundation in 2000, where she worked as a liaison between the conservative think group and the Bush administration.

Thomas established Liberty Central, a Tea Party-affiliated conservative political advocacy nonprofit, in 2009.

Liberty Consulting was created by her in the year 2010