Tasha Ghouri, whose given name is Natasha Amber Ghouri, is a dancer, professional model, and music video vixen who was born in Thirsk, which is located in North Yorkshire. She is currently competing in the eighth season of Love Island, which is being held in the United Kingdom.

On Monday, June 6, 2022, the program officially got underway. In the program, which is shown on ITV2, a total of eleven competitors are to be chosen from.

Ghouri is the only participant ever to come on Love Island who has a hearing impairment. Fans of the pop singer MNEK will recognize her from her role in the music video for the song “More Than Words,” in which she appeared with Sleepwalkers.

As the primary dancer in the 2020 music video, she displayed some of her most spectacular movements.

In a moving way, the song was intended to be a celebration of the deaf community, and all of the dancers included in it are deaf or hard of hearing.

The dancers created the routines based on how they felt the music, much like Rose Ayling-Ellis did to win Strictly Come Dancing. The routines were inspired by how the dancers felt the music. Ghouri had previously stated, before to the release of the series, “That was my first huge music video.”

To everyone’s surprise, it turned out to be about him honoring the deaf community. It was such an amazing and exhilarating chance to have.” The images of her modeling earrings for the fashion company Asos in 2021, in which her cochlear implant could be seen, went viral, and this is how she first came to the attention of the public.

Tasha Ghouri Wikipedia, Net Worth, Boyfriend, Parents, Love Island, Career

Stage Name Tasha Ghouri
Real Name Tasha Ghouri
Net Worth USD 2 Million
Boyfriend Single. She calls he relationship status ‘trash’
Parents Tarek Ghouri and Nicky Ghouri
Love Island When she first appeared on the show, she stated that she is pleased to be an advocate for the deaf community and to raise awareness about her condition, but that it does not define her.
Career dancer, professional model, and music video vixen