Andrew John Leonard Fletcher who was popularly known as Andy Fletcher was an English instrumentalist, musician, manager, and DJ. He specialized in playing the keyboard. He was the founding member of the electronic band group Depeche Mode. In 2020, Fletcher was formally made to join the Rock and Roll Corridor of fame as a member of the Depeche Manner.

Fletcher and his former schoolmate Vince Clarke are also known for creating a live band ‘No Romance ‘in China during the late 1970s where he was the bass guitarist. The band was however short-lived and was not active after some time.

Who Is Andy Fletcher Mother Joy Fletcher?
Who Is Andy Fletcher’s Mother Joy Fletcher?

Andy Fletcher passed away in the early hours of May,26,2022 at the age of 60. It is reported that the late DJ and band member had died of natural causes in his home yesterday. Fletcher is being succeeded by his wife Grainne Mullan and his two children.

He released 15 studio albums in his career as a musician. Speak &Spell, Some Great Award, Black Celebration, Exciter, Sounds of the Universe, and many others are a few album titles in his collection.

Andrew was born to parents Joy Fletcher and John Fletcher on July 8, 1961, in Nottingham, United Kingdom. Andy’s mother Joy, was a housewife and a mother of four kids of which Andy was the eldest. The family moved to Basildon from Nottingham when Andy was two years old. Both Joy and her husband John  are deceased