Chethana Raj Biography

Chethana Raj, a well-known Kannada television actress, passed away lately. Chethana Raj was most known for her performances in Geetha and Doresani, two daily soap operas. Chethana was known to be an Indian actress and her career started as an actress. According to the reports, the young actress passed away yesterday evening.

Dr. Shetty’s hospital, according to the artist’s relatives, neglected her. You’ve come to the right place if you’ve been following Chethana Raj and are curious about her death. Chethana’s bio, family, and reason for death are all included.

The reports ascertained that her death was associated with the fact that her surgery was not professionally handled at the time. The family went on to issue an arrest warrant for negligence on the part of the hospital authorities.

Chethana’s body is currently being treated at the Kaade Hospital. Later on, she will be taken to MS Ramaiah Hospital for a post-mortem examination. Chethana’s family also filed a police case alleging carelessness on the part of the beauty clinic’s board.

Chethana Raj
Chethana Raj

Chethana Raj Real Age

According to sources, Chethana was born on June 26, 2000. She is reported to have passed away at the age of 22.

Chethana Raj Parents

Chethana’s mother is called Munilakshmi. The identity of her dad is not known at the moment.

Chethana Raj Cause Of Death

Chethana, who had gone to a private hospital in Bengaluru for fat removal surgery, died yesterday in a heartbreaking tale of body shaming and the obsession with achieving near-impossible beauty standards. According to her family, Chethana Raj, a 21-year-old TV star, died as a result of the hospital’s incompetence.

Chethana Raj’s Net Worth

Chethana Raj’s estimated net worth when she died in 2022 was $500,000.

Chethana Raj Children

There are no updates about her having children of her own.

Chethana Raj Boyfriend

Chethana Raj, the late Kannada actress, appears to be single and has no known lover.